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Free Independent Residency

Apr 1 to Apr 21

NEW in 2024, Snow Farm is offering a free residency opportunity in April for experienced makers. Residents will enjoy private, creative work time, with free housing provided. In early spring, the campus will be quiet, with no workshops running, as the earth comes alive and the first greens return. Two artists will be in residence each week as the Snow Farm staff prepares to begin workshops in May.


The following studios are available during the Independent Residency, with some limits as noted below: 2D/mixed media, flameworking, flat glass, ceramics, fiber, woodworking, glassblowing, The studio page offers a detailed description of the equipment in each space.

Residents choose one studio for the duration of their stay and are expected to bring their own supplies and materials. There is a $140 fee for cullet in the glassblowing studio and some other materials may be available for purchase on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire if necessary.

Residents will have 24-hour access to their studio. On Mondays, upon arrival, the Snow Farm staff will provide a studio orientation, and during the week, some staff will be available to troubleshoot if necessary. By the time Friday rolls around, the residents should be fully comfortable being alone on campus for the weekend.


Each resident will be provided with simple, comfortable housing for the duration of their stay at Snow Farm. No meals are provided, but each housing option has access to a refrigerator and cooking facilities. The main Snow Farm kitchen will be closed but residents can use the dining hall and common room to gather for meals, downtime, and Wi-Fi use. There is a TV screen in the common room that can be connected to a computer for streaming. Both housing options are walking distance to all the studios.

One resident will be housed in the Cottage (left), located on the upper part of campus near the dining hall. The cottage has one bedroom with two twin beds, a sitting area, a bathroom (shower only), and kitchenette. Blankets, pillows, basic cookware, and dishes are included; residents need to bring sheets, pillowcases, and towels.

One resident will be housed in a bedroom on the second floor of the farmhouse, located on the lower part of campus. The fiber studio and Snow Farm offices are also located in the farmhouse.  Adjacent to the bedroom is a small kitchen and bathroom that is shared with the Snow Farm staff during the day. The farmhouse bedroom is outfitted with a queen bed, closet, dresser, chair, bedside table and lamp.  Blankets, a pillow, basic cookware, and dishes are provided; residents need to bring sheets, pillowcases, and towels. 


Dates & Details

The free Independent Residency is offered in three, one-week sessions. Arrival is 2 - 5pm on Monday with departure by 4pm on Sunday. 

Session 1:  April 1 – 7
Session 2:  April 8 – 14
Session 3:  April 15 – 21 (flameworking, ceramics, and flat glass studios are not available)

Residents will be chosen by lottery, two per session, and studios will be assigned in the order of the drawing. To apply, experienced artists, ages 18+, submit a simple online application with a non-refundable $50 application fee. Each application is specific to one session; to apply for more than one session, submit an application for each.  Applications will be reviewed by our studio staff to assure that the studio will meet the resident's needs and that the applicant has adequate experience to use the equipment safely. All applications that meet the screening criteria will be included in the lottery.

Applications are due February 29, 2024. 

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