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artisan jewelry, handmade jewelry, silver jewelry
  • artisan jewelry, handmade jewelry, silver jewelry
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Flowing Blue & Green Wild Grass Vessel


This vessel is a one-of-a-kind art object that invites contemplation and mindfulness.  Liliana says,

I own two such vessels which contain a drop of essential oil each: peppermint in one and lemon eucalyptus, in the other. I wear mine most of the time as it invites a moment of contemplation, however brief. For an added experience of mindfulness, I take a quick breath of oil.

From another owner of an aromatherapy vessel made by Liliana:

My vessel focuses all my senses on the beauty of the moment and helps put life's stresses into perspective.

A single drop of oil lasts for at least a couple of weeks.  A fresh drop will renew the scent or the vessle can be rinsed with soap and water before using a new oil. To assure there is no spillage of oil while wearing, place a tiny piece of cotton in the bottom of the vessel and the oil will be absorbed but still fragrant. 

See more about Liliana's process for making vessels

vessel approx 2.5" x 1.2" chain 35"

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