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Art & Wellness (Fall): A Retreat for the Mind, Body & Soul

Sep 15 to Sep 18

Join our ongoing series exploring the connection between creativity and wellbeing. The Art and Wellness Retreats in May and September combine a daily craft workshop with an array of complementary activities in support of wellness for the mind, body, and creative spirit. The fall and spring sessions are unique, with different offerings in craft workshops and wellness guests. Choose one - or come to both! 

Whether you lead with art or with mindfulness, each is a practice that supports and expands the other. The Art & Wellness Retreats welcome yogis who want to get their hands dirty in clay and metalsmiths who want get up from the bench for stretching. If meditation is what grounds you, experience the meditative properties of melting and shaping hot glass or weaving with paper.  If writing is your craft, bring color to your creative life with drawing or pottery.

The Art and Wellness retreats grow from a belief that self-exploration and care, learning new things, and allowing curiosity to blossom are the ways in which people replenish and grow. Whether you have been to Snow Farm many times or never before, time spent in the intersection of  mind, body, and soul will open a pathway to each part of yourself.

To enroll in the retreat, select one craft workshop topic (scroll down for choices), register and pay. The fee includes the daily craft workshop from 9am to noon, ample open studio time and all of the wellness activities scheduled during the retreat. When your craft workshop is done for the day, pick and choose how to spend your time.

Wellness activities will include yoga, movement, meditation, and a variety of other talks and practices designed to inspire creativity, resiliency, and connection. All activities are designed for all ability and experience levels. For planning purposes, some wellness activities will require advance sign-up. Registered students will receive details about making their choices in late April. Bonfires, wholesome food, and precious down time for reflection and rest will round out the retreat.

The cost of the retreat is $620, plus an additional materials fee based on the craft workshop selected.  The cost of housing and meals depends on the type of room you choose. 

Schedule & Special Activities

The schedule of special activities is robust and exciting - do them all or pick and choose. 

More details about each presenter and the activity is available here. 

Sep 15 to Sep 18
Sep 15 to Sep 18
Sep 15 to Sep 18
Sep 15 to Sep 18