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COVID-19 Containment at Snow Farm

updated 12/14/21

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Snow Farm has proven to be a nimble and determined organization. With already small classes and 50 acres of wide open outdoor space, we were poised from the beginning to adapt successfully to state and federal guidelines. Even so, the effort and expense were monumental. After cancelling four months of programming, we opened in August 2020 and were thrilled with the best possible outcome: students reported feeling comfortable and safe, and also inspired, rejuvenated, and grateful. The Snow Farm magic held, and we delivered on our mission to “awaken and nourish the life-changing power of creativity.” 

We opened in 2021 with protocols similar to those of 2020. Part way through the year, in alignment with state guidelines, we moved toward fewer masks for fully vaccinated students and resumed normal dining operations. As variants came and went, we held steady, while also making small changes when necessary. We paid close attention to public health guidance, and we also listened carefully to feedback from our community

We have an exciting program planned for 2022! Based on what we know today, the following protocols will be in place; however, we will make final decisions 30 days before we open for the season in April. At that time, we’ll send out an update by email and also post any changes here on the website.

  • Classes have a maximum of 6 - 10 students, depending on the size of the studio space.
  • All dorm rooms are singles, except by request for people traveling together.
  • Anyone who is NOT fully vaccinated is required to wear a mask in all indoor spaces and outdoors when in close contact with others. Masks are required for everyone in some circumstances, i.e. walking in the dining hall, visiting studios, by request of some instructors. Signs will be posted and expectations will be reviewed at the beginning of each session. 
  • We rely on an honor system; everyone who registers for a workshop signs an agreement stating they will comply with our guidelines.
  • Our housekeeping staff maintains a schedule that assures a clean environment in all the buildings on campus.
  • All studios and the dining hall are stocked with hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes.
  • In most studios, plexi-glass shields are available by request, and in some studios, barriers are still installed.
  • The cancellation policy remains flexible for anyone who experiences an unexpected illness or medical issue.