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Bright Ideas: Illumination & Craft

Aug 22 - Aug 27

The last week of summer brings together a group of workshops connected by a theme. In 2021, we celebrate light! 

Illumination has allured and fascinated artists since early days. In ancient times, gold reflected the flicker of candles to embody spirituality, and light streamed through stained glass windows for a glimpse of the heavens. Painting was transformed by concepts of light such as chiaroscuro in the Renaissance, the light painters of Impressionism, color theory and the science of light waves, while glass artists have pushed the interplay of light and shadow for centuries. In more modern times, sculptors, installation artists, and mixed media makers of all stripes have employed neon, incandescence, and LED lighting to illuminate spaces and works of art. Light is both a metaphor and a precious medium in and of itself.

For 2021, five artists bring their unique approaches to illumination for a week of exploration and making. Whether traditional, contemporary, innovative or symbolic, join us this week to illuminate a new perspective on your creative pursuits. The campus will feature fun light installations, and we'll close the week with dinner under the summer sky.



Five-day workshops at Snow Farm offer the luxury of giving new ideas plenty of time to sink in and swirl around. In the evenings, studios are open for expansive practice of the day's learning.

As a special add-on to the schedule this week, Snow Farm is excited to offer our students an opportunity to visit MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA on Sunday afternoon, August 22, 2021, just before the opening dinner at Snow Farm. The museum has multiple exhibits that compliment the Illumination theme, including Into the Light by James Turrell. The Turrell exhibit includes nine sculptural light installations and can be viewed by reservation only.  Snow Farm has reserved twenty tickets and will provide complimentary admission to the museum. The exhibit is described this way:  In James Turrell’s hands, light is more than simply a source of illumination: it is a discrete, physical object. His sculptures and architectural interventions elevate our experience and perception of light and space. What a great way to start the week! 

In addition the Turrell exhibit and many wonderful others at MASS MoCA, these two are particularly connected to the illumination theme: In the Light of a Shadow by Glenn Kaino and  Cosmic Latte by Spencer Finch.

Details about securing a ticket to MASS MoCA will be sent to registered students in early August.