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Nicoise salad

To celebrate the release of our first ever cookbook, Snow Farm to Table: Nourishing Artists, Feeding Creativity, we are sharing two delicious lunch recipes from the spring menu for you to enjoy the taste of Snow Farm at home.

It could be said that no one gets to know Snow Farm better, or from as many different angles, as our Work-Study participants. Living, working, and learning at Snow Farm provides a unique craft school experience, one that few can claim all aspects of.

In just a few days, all the 2023 workshops will be visible on our website! We're so excited to offer you 23 workshop sessions in each studio, with an amazing slate of instructors including Mary Barringer for an extended length clay class, Anna Boothe coming from Pennsylvania for a very special class in kiln class casting,  Yeachin Tsai back for the first time since 2020 to teach calligraphy, and SO MUCH MORE. 

Recently, Doug talked about his upcoming workshop at Snow Farm (August 4 - 12, 2022) on social media, and we've collected those short videos here.  If you are thinking of coming to the workshop, listen to Doug, and you'll be assured of the special opportunity a 9-day workshop offers.

Join Doug at Snow Farm by registering now.  

Ian Brownlee is a painter and muralist living in Asheville, North Carolina, and we're lucky to have him joining us at Snow Farm June 19 - 24 to teach Narrative Drawing, a 5-day workshop.

As a craft school, we work toward a more a just and equitable world for all.

Over the weeks that Snow Farm has been closed, several of our staff members took to video to keep in touch with you, the students who we love and need.

Executive Director Mary Jo Murphy shares some hard truth about the financial impact of cancelling more than half of our season. 

Executive Director Mary Jo Murphy shares some ideas for good reading while social distancing and asks our community to share some of their favorite books. She also shares resources for artists during times of economic uncertainty. Please follow the COVID-19 Updates page where we will continue to communicate in this rapidly changing time. 

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Snow Farm Summer serves young artists ages 14 - 18.  One third of students who participate in the program would not be able to attend without a need-based scholarship from Snow Farm to offset the cost. We are seeing an increase in scholarship requests, and we need YOUR help to support every passionate young person who seeks a creative community in which to learn new skills and connect with a community of artists. 


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