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When people describe Snow Farm and our unique 2- to 5-day residential workshop structure they often say it’s like “summer camp for adults.” With long, sunny days of unfettered creativity, cozy dorm rooms off open-air hallways, a packing list that includes sunscreen and bug spray, and evenings spent by the bonfire, chatting with friends around bites of gooey s’mores – we certainly see the comparison! But did you know that Snow Farm actually hosts a summer camp?

In the tradition of mending circles and quilting bees, the workshop Visible Mending, Ornamentation & Repair brings together fiber work and community in an intimate setting. Participants will learn mending techniques and have an opportunity to reflect on topics of repair in communities and oneself. This workshop is part of the Art & Wellness Retreat in June. 

From all of us to you. 

Introducing: The Jane Sinauer Gallery, a new addition to the annual Snow Farm Seconds Sale. 

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