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The Seconds Sale Expands

The newly-renovated ceramics studio with its white walls and large windows inspired a vision . . .Snow Farm board member Nan Fleming, with her merchandising expertise as the former manager of the Smith College Museum of Art Gift Shop, saw the potential for a new sophisticated gallery!

Named after Jane Sinauer, the founder of Horizons: The New England Craft Program, which later became Snow Farm; the new gallery features curated, higher-end and one-of-a-kind pieces. Artists include Josh Simpson, Lisa Houck, Liliana Glenn, Alexandra Sheldon, Abby Reiser, and many more. Some are familiar Snow Farm instructors, and some are in the Seconds Sale for the first time. Some you will find in other galleries at the Seconds Sale, and some are exclusive to the Jane Sinauer Gallery. Prices range from $100 to $2500.

For a flavor of the Jane Sinauer Gallery, scroll down. See something you like? Let us know (413-268-3101) and if it's still available, we'll put it aside and take your sale by phone!

Heather Hall

Felted Flower Bouquet with Vase


Spencer Peterman

Spalted Maple Bowl, 15"


Stephanie Sersich

Fall Floral Glass Beaded Necklace


Ali Herrmann

Mixed Media Encaustic Painting


Nathan Macomber

Glass Bowl


Justin Thomas

Sweet November


Sandy Dukeshire

Glass Vases

left, $480

front, $250

right, $500


Jane Sinauer with Snow Farm Executive Director Mary Jo Murphy at Snow Farm, 2019