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As part of the June Art & Wellness Retreat, we are proud to offer a special workshop with instructors Vernée Peacock Wilkinson and Laura Everett.

The workshop, Visible Mending, Ornamentation & Repair, draws on the tradition of sewing circles and quilting bees, where makers and fiber come together in community. While the hands are working, important conversations ensue - solving problems, dreaming, sharing stories, asking for help - and the result is deep connection.

Laura and Vernée will discuss the history of mending and teach four techniques for fiber repair and ornamentation. They will also facilitate a safe space to reflect on rupture, repair, and healing, as it happens in communities and ourselves. They will bring personal experience and wisdom from Black and Queer cultures; they are also both part of faith communities and serve as spiritual leaders. The workshop is non-denominational and people of all identities are welcome. You can learn more about Laura and Vernee's work together on Mending Chuch.

darning a sock, stitched text on a blanket

If you

  • enjoy handstitching or are curious (no experience necessary),
  • care about building community across race,
  • wish to be part of healing within or among marginalized groups, or
  • want to explore healing the wounds you carry,

this workshop is for you. The Art & Wellness Retreat operates at a slower pace than typical sessions, and there is ample time for learning, connecting, movement, thinking, resting and more. Massage and reiki will be available with sign-up upon arrival.

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