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Snow Farm Needs Your Help

This letter was sent to the Snow Farm community on May 15, 2020. Please watch the COVID-19 Update page our website for further information about our 2020 programs. 

Dear Snow Farm community,
As each week passes, I think about the workshops that aren’t happening at Snow Farm, and what it means for our community.
We have now cancelled all programming from April through the July, more than half of our season. We remain on stand-by to run workshop in August, September, and October, if we feel it can be done safely and in compliance with local and state government. This rolling approach comes from our commitment to you, our community, and with the hope that we can limit some of the damage to our income.
In normal times, Snow Farm runs as a nimble, efficient, and resourceful nonprofit organization. However, we do not have an endowment, investments, or deep cash reserves. I’ve been poring over cash flow scenarios, and the hard truth is that Snow Farm has lost – at minimum – $350,000 of earned income.
In early March, we took immediate action by laying off some staff and reducing expenses; our private mortgage lender generously waived a year of our payments. The very first day that the federal Payroll Protection Program opened, we secured a loan. We are continuing to look for every nickel and dime we can save. Even with all these adjustments, we face a daunting and potentially devastating situation.
We need your help.

If you are able, we ask that you give as generously as you can at this critical moment. All gifts are important.

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If Snow Farm is essential to YOU, please support us now.

Mary Jo Murphy
Executive Director
PS. Your help is needed NOW as Snow Farm faces $350,000 in lost revenue from COVID-19 cancellations.  Thank you for believing in Snow Farm and our mission. 

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