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Attention Lifelong Learners!

e-newsletter sent to Snow Farm community on 5/12/21

Dear Snow Farm friends,

When I first started my career working at museums, I discovered the term lifelong learner. People who visited museums were considered lifelong learners, and they often had other characteristics such as being avid readers, enjoying travel, seeking out new experiences, and taking classes/workshops on a variety of subjects. Lifelong learners are ageless; they have spirited energy and a vibrancy for life! 

So, attention lifelong learners! Remember these benefits of taking a workshop at Snow Farm:

Appreciate People: Connect with others, find things in common among people who appear different, build empathy and understanding.

Make Friends: Social interaction is essential for happiness. I hear often about people who meet at Snow Farm and make lasting relationships. 

Exercise Your Brain: The more you practice learning, the denser the myelin white matter of your brain becomes and the stronger your neural pathways are.

Develop Creativity: As Positive Psychology champion Vanessa King says, ideas come from seemingly unrelated things. Learning new things can trigger ideas in other areas.

Build Confidence: Mastering new knowledge and skills builds faith in the ability to succeed. Plus, after taking a workshop, you'll always have something to talk about at gatherings - even on Zoom!

Join us soon for some lifelong learning! There's a 3-day weekend coming up and space is available just for you!


Mary Jo Murphy

Executive Director​​