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Thinking of You Today

This letter was sent to the Snow Farm community on May 1, 2020. Please watch the COVID-19 Update page our website for further information about our 2020 programs. 

This note is not a bad news update! Instead, I'd like to take a moment to say thanks.

May 1 always brings back a childhood memory for me: In the morning, we would cut daffodils from our garden, wrap the ends in wet paper towel and then foil. With colored construction paper, we’d make a paper cone with a loop, decorate the outside with a design, and place the daffodils inside the paper basket. Quietly, we tiptoed over to our neighbor’s front door, hung the flowers on a doorknob, knocked, and scooted away. It was a great feeling to let our friends & neighbors know we were thinking of them and bringing a bit of brightness to their day.

At Snow Farm, the first days of May usually bring the excitement of opening our residential season. Had the world not turned upside down, today we would have been welcoming our first set of 2020 students to a 3-day weekend of craft and creativity. We know this is a day that many of you have looked forward to for months. Similarly, the staff at Snow Farm prepares tirelessly for this day to see old friends and for the chance to unveil improvements to our program and our campus that we know will delight you. We are all disappointed.

In times like these, acts of kindness in the community, like those daffodils of my youth, are what keep our spirits high! I have seen so much generosity during the last month, from people donating supplies and meals to local hospitals (Cooley Dickinson received Snow Farm’s masks) to people sewing masks for the elderly and teachers parading in cars to connect with lonely students – these are just a few examples. At Snow Farm, many of you have given a donation during a change in registration, and others have stopped by to help beautify our campus – we thank you for your generosity and for thinking of Snow Farm – it brightens our day!

Our board is meeting next week, and we'll be in touch again shortly afterwards. Until then, my best wishes.

Mary Jo Murphy
Executive Director