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When You Need to Breathe Again

Dear friends,

At the end of 2017, Snow Farm staff and I stepped away from our desks and took a field trip to spend the morning with one of our instructors, Crispina ffrench.

At her studio, making scarves out of recycled wool sweaters, we started by selecting sweaters from a colorful pile. Crispina demonstrated a few different stitches and we all picked up our needles and started to lay stitches onto our scarves.

As soon as I took the first stitch, I felt like I could breathe again. A calmness came over me and it was wonderful to focus only on creating with my hands - choosing what stitches to make and what colors I wanted in my scarf. It is easy to forget how using your hands and mind to create is so necessary to our well-being. I invite you to come to Snow Farm soon and breathe again.

handmade, craft school experience, snow farm staff, crispina ffrench