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COVID-19: Update from Mary Jo Murphy

This letter was sent to the Snow Farm community on March 20, 2020. Please watch the COVID-19 Update page our website for further information during these quickly-changing times.

Dear Snow Farm friends,

Snow Farm is a community, and communities are based on connection, so what does social distancing mean to us, this new concept that has become too familiar?  At Snow Farm, our year-round staff of 9 people have spread out our time in the office and are working from home when possible. We can still answer your phone calls and emails, and luckily, we are doing what we usually do in March: scheduling instructors for the 2021 season! 

I am taking an optimistic approach and hoping that our communal investment in social distancing NOW will benefit us all in many ways, including getting us back to our regular schedules, sooner rather than later.  However, sooner is still an unknown quantity, and I have made the decision to reschedule our April workshops until later in the year. We looked carefully at the calendar this morning and we believe it’s possible. We are contacting the instructors and will be in touch individually with anyone who registered for a workshop April 4-5 or April 18–19 with details about how to move forward. Our residential season opens on May 1, a full six weeks from now, and we are planning for those workshops. The public health situation is still a fast-moving target, and we’ll keep in touch.  

When I wrote you last week, I shared that we added more flexibility to our cancellation policy, and I have now extended those changes through the end of 2020. In addition, we will waive the usual $75 cancellation fee, or roll this fee over into a donation to Snow Farm. Only the once-yearly $25 registration fee is nonrefundable. This is not to encourage you to cancel!  Rather, I want to encourage you to be optimistic, too, and to register for the workshops you are dreaming of. Like all small nonprofits and business, we are vulnerable during a crisis, and your ongoing support and confidence in what we do is important.

I am also choosing an optimistic approach at home. I am cooking more, making phone calls to hear a voice instead of just sending a quick text, organizing my house, making future travel plans, painting, crafting, reading and supporting my family and friends. 

OK – and also hunting for toilet paper!

To all in the Snow Farm community, I wish you good health, and always, creativity.  We hope to see you soon.

Mary Jo Murphy
Executive Director


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