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Meet Maria - Snow Farm Summer Alum

As a Silver Key Scholastic Art Award winner, Maria Zamudio, 17, applied for a scholarship to a summer art program and was selected to attend Snow Farm Summer.  She was ready and excited to study painting, drawing and printmaking when she broke her wrist playing tennis.  With her right hand disabled, Maria thought she might have to give up the opportunity.  But instead of giving up, Maria put her left hand to the test, used her right hand when possible, and took full advantage of her summer art program 

One of Maria's printmaking projects was some Andy Warhol style lips.  The lips weren't so intricate that she strained her wrist, she said, but still had a lot going on. Leah Mackin, Maria's printmaking teacher at Snow Farm, said that Maria, like many young artists, was drawn naturally to the analytic side of her art making.  Mackin encouraged risk-taking and learning to solve problems when "mistakes" occurred.   Upon return from Snow Farm, Maria's art teacher  in Aurora, IL  noticed that she had learned some new ways of working. She observed that Maria was more comfortable moving between pieces that were quick and experimental and those that were highly detailed and polished.  Maria seemed more "free from restraint" she said.   
Snow Farm was not just about art for Maria. She mentions the beautiful physical environment and the warm friendly community of both students and instructors.  Hanging out with pals is always a welcome part of the day. 

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Read more about Maria and Snow Farm Summer in Craftsmanship Quarterly.   More information here about a Scholastic Summer Art Scholarship.