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josh simpson, glass art, glass planets

Win a Josh Simpson Megaplanet

We are so grateful for all the ways the Snow Farm community stepped up and helped keep us afloat during the pandemic. Glass artist Josh Simpson has been a long time supporter of Snow Farm, and he, like many of you, offered generous assistance, during this hard time.
Today, we are open again, and the outlook is brighter. Nonetheless, we are still getting back on our feet and the support of our community is necessary. Josh has gifted us one of his signature MEGAPLANETS, so that Snow Farm could benefit from its sale. Now, you can benefit, too! We are offering 50 raffle tickets for this 6" planet, valued at $2500.

From Josh's website: "Megaplanets are highly complex, multi-layered worlds, each with a unique arrangement of swirling oceans and continents perhaps spotted with volcanoes, weird flares or explosions, towering cliffs, and inexplicable structures that might house either whole civilizations or isolated bands of space-traveling pioneers. They usually also contain force fields, and multiple spaceships or satellites orbiting above. The larger the piece, the more I can fill it with intriguing detail.” 

At 6", this planet is one ot the largest sizes that Josh makes. Is is signed Josiah Simpson, a special designation for Josh's favorite pieces. Display stand included. Local pick-up or shipping at winner's expense.
Raffle tickets are $50, with only 50 tickets available. So buy two, and for just $100, you could be the owner of a $2500 piece of art made by world-famous artist Josh Simpson! And support Snow Farm at the same time -  win, win!
We will notify the winner and all ticket buyers on Monday, June 28, 2021.