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Christopher Jeffries, Design &  Build a Custom Copper Lamp, Welding

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Dear Snow Farm friends,

In early 2020, the Snow Farm program team selected illumination as the topic of the 2021 special theme week because of the way light has warmed, fascinated, and enchanted us across the centuries. We had no idea at the time, the special meaning light would come to have for us, and many of you.  After the difficult months of the COVID-19 pandemic, light signifies new beginnings as much as it reminds of those we have lost. Light teaches us to carry hope, a candle in the darkness and a ray of joy in the morning. I hope you will join us for Bright Ideas: Illumination & Craft, August 22 - 27, to find and/or celebrate your light.
In addition to a truly amazing selection of workshops this year and instructors bringing their unique approaches to illumination, there will be an extra special outdoor dinner under the twinkling starlight, and special happenings throughout the week.

Among these happenings, my personal favorite (shhhh) will be the culmination of the Lantern Building & Performance Workshop with David Lane - a sensational twilight walk-about around Snow Farm, an orchestra of barn owls and crickets to score the show. I imagine the fireflies over the hayfields are going to participate too!

David Lane, Lantern Building and Performance Workshop, Fiber, Baskets
I remember a twilight skiing trip in the dark of last winter, where the mountaintop view of warm glowing homes felt magical and captivated my thoughts. Be it the sun or the moon, each of you, I'm sure, has a similar memory or story - bring them to Snow Farm this summer and YOUR light will be brighter when you leave.

I can’t wait, and I want to make sure you are a part of it - register today!

See you soon,

Mary Jo Murphy

Executive Director