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The Farmhouse Notebook

by Mary Jo Murphy, Executive Director

In May, I was furiously scanning photos and arranging them in chronological order for what would become a 100-page photobook for my daughter who is heading off to college this fall.  As I added each photo to the book and paused to remember celebrations and family travel, it confirmed my decisions over the last 18 years to always make time for what is important and being together - traveling to National Parks, boating on a nearby lake, visiting museums, seeing friends, hiking to waterfalls, day tripping to a tulip farm, picking pumpkins in the fall, AND taking a mosaic class at Snow Farm. 

A thought shared by a Snow Farm student last summer kept running through my mind while I worked on my daughter's photo book: "Take the Trip. Buy the Shoes. Eat the Cake.” I take this to mean live life to the fullest!  And don't put off what brings you joy. I, of course, would add: "Take the Workshop."  A mosaic class with my mother and my daughter was a great joy. I have the pictures to prove it. And now, so does my daughter.

Take the workshop


 Hilda Moses, Mary Jo's mother, reveals her mosaic stepping stone