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Studio News: Ceramics Gets a Redo

At Snow Farm, we are committed to continued reinvestment into our studios and property. In 2019, the wood studio was outfitted with new lathes, new tables, a dust collection system, and really, a top-to-bottom update. In 2020, we are turning our attention to the ceramics studio. Both of these improvement projects were made possible by a generous grant from the Windgate Foundation.

In ceramics, the first move was to open up the space by removing the structures in the middle of the room and taking down the shelves from the side walls. With a fresh coat of white paint, the room already looks twice the size. As you can see, the thank you banner to our studio sponsor Sheffield Pottery is still hanging! 

Our property team extradonaire Micah and Mike built new tables on locking caster wheels that can be moved as needed.  The best part: the table tops are made from a specialized mdf product that has resin in the mix which makes them waterproof.  

Look how this . . .

turned into this . . .

This new cedar table for the pottery wheels will give students more room for their tools and works-in-progress, and constructed like a deck, liquids will drop to the floor between the slats. 

And don't worry - we aren't neglecting the other studios while ceramics is getting all this attention. In their spare time, the guys also built some new cubbies in the hot shop. How do you like the orange paint?

Stay tuned for more reports about the ceramics studio renovation and other behind-the-scenes stories about the "quiet time" at Snow Farm.