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Hello New Website!

Welcome to the new website of Snow Farm: The New England Craft Program!  We are pleased to offer a more beautiful and easier-to-use website created in collaboration with Zoe Design Works of Easthampton, MA. 

Take a spin. Click around a bit. Here are some of the new features we are most excited about.

Mobile-friendly design:  Pull up the site on your phone or tablet.  It will look beautiful everywhere! 

Search workshops:  On the all classes page, you can filter the workshops to topic or by date.  You can also use Search to find any instructor name or keyword throughout the page.

Faculty:  The faculty pages are much more robust than ever before. In addition to a bio, you will several images of artwork, and links to the classes taught by that artist.

Calendar: The new calendar can be used in many different ways.  You can see all classes on the calendar at once, or just by topic area.  You can see all the classes in date order.  We are really proud of the lovely color coding!  Wherever you see color, click - and see what happens!

There's a lot more to discover as you explore the site, and we hope everything works perfectly. Change is good, but we know that change can also be challenging. Whenever Snow Farm grows, it is to support our mission: to be an evolving, expansive community where every experience is intended to awaken and nourish the life-changing power of creativity.  As you get to know the new site, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. 

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