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soda firing, handmade pottery

The Farmhouse Notebook

by Micah Litant, Property Manager

The Ceramics Studio is undergoing a major overhaul this year, and last week, we wrapped on the first phase of the renovation project! Mike and I always start with the most obvious and basic need for the space and for this one, it was tables. 

We thoroughly consulted with a committee of our friends and colleagues to determine what would actually function the best!  Based on advice from this group of teachers, staff, friends, and local artists, we decided to make these new tables at specific heights (to facilitate work standing up), to use a specialty MDF for the work-surface (Medex, preferred by studios from the Worcester Craft Center to RISD), and to make 'em mobile (they're on lock-equipped wheels). 

From there, Mike and I sketched out some plans and started to build the heaviest, sturdiest, and most durable tables we could. The attached image is of our pal, Erika, generously volunteering to make the first sculpture on our new tables, mere minutes after completion!  

Watch for more updates on the renovation as we tackle the glazing area, shelving and storage, and the kiln deck.  It's going to be a beautiful! 

And, a big thank you to our following friends and colleagues for their help and suggestions: Steve Theberge, Tiffany Hilton, Ben Eberle, Tom O'Malley, Annette Gates, and Bob Green