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Glassblowing Returns!

Executive Director Mary Jo Murphy sent out this announcement today by email: 

In the mornings, I twirl a honey dipper just enough to control a small drizzle of the sweet drippy liquid onto my toast and then quickly turn it up to stop the flow - just like if it were molten glass! Glassblowers twirl a blowpipe to collect the honey-like melted glass from the furnace and then turn it and turn it to keep it on the pipe. Honey and molten glass are often compared, for their mesmerizing movement and beautiful transparent sheen. With that in mind, I am thrilled to announce that glassblowing is back at Snow Farm - starting in September!

 After a 3 year hiatus, first prompted by the pandemic and then turned into an opportunity, Snow Farm has partnered with glassblower Jay Brown to bring back the hot shop with a new fuel efficient furnace. Jay is our neighbor in Williamsburg and has previously worked for internationally recognized glassblower Josh Simpson (7 years) and was on the Hot Glass Show at the Corning Museum of Glass. In 2013, Snow Farm was the first place Jay blew glass after college, and he has taught and worked in the shop many times since. Jay is a terrific resource who is committed to building a strong and lasting glassblowing program at Snow Farm.

"This furnace is perfect for Snow Farm," Jay says. "I am confident it is just what we need to get up and running again and to build an efficient and sustainable program for years to come."

The key feature of the new 100lb, invested pot furnace is being able to safely turn it on and off and bring it to temperature without the 3-day lead time needed for the old, larger furnace. This flexibility saves fuel and costs, which ultimately benefits everyone!

Jay will kick off the fall season of glassblowing with an all-levels workshop starting on September 22. Workshops will run through October. Join us for a workshop and be among the first to "light up" the hot shop. 

Glassblowing  WORKSHOPS