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Art & Wellness: A Retreat for the Mind, Body & Soul

Jun 21 to Jun 25

 The Art & Wellness Retreats in June and September explore the connection between creativity and wellbeing. The retreats combine a daily craft workshop (morning only) with an array of complementary activities in support of wellness for the mind, body, and creative spirit.

Whether you lead with art or with mindfulness, each is a practice that supports and expands the other. The Art & Wellness Retreats welcome yogis who want to get their hands dirty in clay and metalsmiths who want get up from the bench for stretching. If meditation is what grounds you, experience the meditative properties of turning wood or of hand stitching on fabric. If writing is your craft, bring color and whimsy to your creative life with paint and a handmade artists book.  

The Art & Wellness Retreats grow from a belief that self-exploration and care, learning new things, and allowing curiosity to blossom are the ways in which people replenish and grow. Whether you have been to Snow Farm many times or never before, attending an Art and Wellness Retreat will open up a holistic integraion of mind, body, and soul, just when we need it more than ever. 

To enroll in the retreat, register for the craft workshop you have selected. The fee you pay when you register covers the morning workshop, open studio time, and all the scheduled wellness activiites.  Some wellness activites will require sign-up which will be handled closer to the program. 

Wellness activities will include yoga, movement, meditation, and a variety of other talks and practices designed to inspire creativity, resiliency, and connection. All activities are designed for all ability and experience levels. Bonfires, wholesome food, and precious down time for reflection and rest will round out the retreat.

Housing Choices

Craft Workshop Choices

Schedule & Special Activities

The schedule of special activites is robust and exciting. Most activities are open to all who want to join or drop in. Some activities have limited space and will require sign-up at the beginning of the retreat or beforehand. Some may choose to do everything and others may be more selective. The schedule below shows the rhythm of the retreat and a full description of wellness activities is now available. 

Wellness Activity Descriptions

Wellness Instructor Bios