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Art Retreat for Educators

June 21 - 25

 Join us for a long weekend of peace and quiet in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains and immerse in an art workshop for YOU.  Be the student, the learner, the maker.

Even though the techniques were sophisticated, I always find ways of pulling out things to do with my students.  Plus, talking to other educators about what they do gives me lots of ideas.  My principal agreed to pay for my workshop because my work at school improves when I come to Snow Farm.  . . . On bad days, I just re-read the catalog to see if I can squeeze in one more session!     educator, special needs, pre-school through adult

Snow Farm is a MA approved Professional Development Providor. Most states offer reciprocity. 

Flexible arrival on Friday, June 21.  If Friday conflicts with end-of-school obligations, feel free to join us on Saturday morning - just let us know so we don't worry.

These workshops include some special programming of interest to educators. However, non-educators are welcome to attend, too. 

Scroll down to see the available workshops.

Request for Proposals

The Saturday evening schedule includes presentations by two guest artist/educators. We are seeking proposals for these presentations, and will offer the selected presenters 25% off workshop tuition and a complimentary room/board package during the retreat.

Presentation topics can be anything of interest to art educators.  Share your knowledge, experience, and ideas! 

General guidelines include 

  • 30 -75 minutes long
  • format can be demonstration or curriculum/project talk with slides
  • handouts are encouraged

Proposals must be received by  April 1, 2019 and acceptances will be announced by April 16, 2019.

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Geoff Booras, Moldmaking and Slipcasting Intensive
Class FullJoin Waitlist
Jun 21 - Jun 25
Marta Berbaum, Flameworking, A Taste of Flameworking
Jun 21 - Jun 25
Nathalie Miebach, Sculptural Weaving
Class FullJoin Waitlist
Jun 21 - Jun 25
Joetta Maue, Cyanotype and Stitch
Class FullJoin Waitlist
Jun 21 - Jun 25
Woodturning for Everyone; Rick Angus
Jun 21 - Jun 25