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Residencies & Retreats

new england winter scene, farm, craft school
Jan 8 to Mar 18

Snow Farm in the winter is for someone who enjoys a rugged landscape and whose creativity blossoms in the deep quiet of solitude. The residency period is one week - come for as many weeks as you like! 

new england scenery, spring, farmhouse, snow farm
Apr 1 to Apr 21

Three, one-week residencies for experienced makers. No cost for studio and housing; residents provide their supplies, meals, and travel. 

new england scenery, new england photography, fall in new england
Sep 9 to Sep 15

Pursue your own projects or practice with the support of Snow Farm housing and meals. A small group of artists will be in residence and ample personal space will be provide in shared studios. 

Sep 18 to Sep 22

Explore the ways in which creativity and wellbeing are intertwined and how attention to the mind, body and soul enhances the life of an artist.   Full day craft workshops and ample open studio time pairs with a selection of additional classes and activites in yoga, meditation, writing, and nature. One fee covers it all!