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Woodworking. Emmet Van Driesche. Fundamentals of Greenwood Carving
Apr 7 - Apr 8
Fundamentals of Greenwood Carving
Woodworking. Alexandra Forbes. Spoons & Ladles with Style
May 12 - May 13
Stir it Up! Spoons and Ladles with Style
Woodworking. Ellie Richards. The Sculptural Box
May 20 - May 26
The Sculptural Box
Woodworking. Rick Angus. Woodturning: Lidded Boxes
May 26 - May 28
Woodturning: Lidded Boxes
Woodworking. Mark Nicholson. Rustic Furniture
Class Full - Waitlist Available
Jun 2 - Jun 3
Rustic Furniture: Tables & Benches
Woodworking. Dennis Fuge. Turning the Perfect Bowl
Class Full - Waitlist Available
Jun 8 - Jun 10
From Tree To Lathe, Turning the "Perfect Bowl"
Woodworking. Abby Rieser. Lost & Found: The Art of Assemblage
Jun 10 - Jun 16
Lost and Found: The Art of Assemblage
Woodworking. Keith Tompkins. Turning a Winged Bowl
Jun 16 - Jun 17
Turning a Winged Bowl
Woodworking. BZ Reily. Assemblage Memory Boxes
Jun 22 - Jun 26
Assemblage Memory Boxes
Welding. Forrest Stone. Chair Building in Metal & Wood
Aug 2 - Aug 5
Metal/Wood Chair Building
Woodworking. Rick Angus. Intro to Woodturning A Bowl A Day
Class Full - Waitlist Available
Aug 5 - Aug 11
Introduction to Woodturning: Bowl a Day
Woodworking. Yoav Liberman. Scrap Wood Woodworking
Aug 12 - Aug 18
Scrap Wood Woodworking