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Creative Rejuvenation at Snow Farm - Growing With Plants blog post

October 1, 2012

Matt Mattus, the creative director at Hasbro describes his job this way:  "I'm not allowed to mention what projects I work on, or what properties  - in many ways, it's like working for a top secret division of the government, except instead of the Army, we work on G.I. Joe and Transformers.  There are many benefits in working in such a job, my position as a creative director  allows me to work with an extremely talented and diverse group of creative people - the culture is super vibrant, super fast paced and super interesting, but all that Monopoly and Elmo fur can get old, and working behind locked doors with secret codes can make a creative pretty restless - so this past week, all Hasbro designers in design & development ( R&D) were zipped off to a creative offsite to let loose and, well...create." 

Read the full post about Matt's experience on his blog Growing with Plants.


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