Program Overview

dorm building at Snow Farm

For three decades, Snow Farm has been home to teens from around the country who immerse themselves in deep learning and camaraderie. Today, we remain true to our roots, offering small group studios for students ages 14 - 18 at our 50-acre historic New England farm in the foothills of the Berkshires and on the outskirts of the vibrant five-college community. With only nine students and two instructors per studio, Snow Farm Summer provides intensive one-on-one study and collaboration, with an emphasis on both process and product. Our tranquil setting and focused, energetic environment provide a great opportunity to jump into a new medium or refine technique in an area of expertise.

Students, faculty, and staff live and work together in a community committed to each other and their work. With six hours of instructional studio time and additional open studio opportunities, many students spend 8 – 9 hours a day creating. Students enroll in two studio classes, spending the morning in one and the afternoon in the other. During open studio time, individuals are free to choose which studio they want to continue working in, or they can take part in one of the optional daily activities. Individual classes sometimes take short field trips to nearby museums, artist studios, or galleries. Of course, there's time every day for more relaxed activities too, from a trip to a swimming hole or ice cream stand to a soccer game or just hanging out.

Daily Life

A typical week day at Snow Farm looks like this:

7:30am                    Wake up

8:00am                    Breakfast

9am – noon            Morning studio

Noon – 1:30pm       Lunch and free time

1:30pm – 4:30pm    Afternoon studio

4:30pm – 6pm         Open studio

6pm                         Dinner and free time

7:30pm                    Instructor presentations, group activity, or open studio