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Limited Edition Series

Thank you for a great response to our first
Snow Farm-inspired Limited Edition item.
Stay tuned for another great offering in 2017!
Snow Farm is delighted and proud to offer a new collaboration with our teaching artists. 
This first in the series is this exquisite handmade serving tray by Tiffany Hilton, timed to celebrate Snow Farm's purchase of the 50-acre property at 5 Clary Road in Williamsburg, MA, where arts and crafts programming has taken place for 30 years.  
tl_files/pages/Donate/Hilton_tray.John.Polak (1024x644).jpg
photo by John Polak

The Limited Edition Series will continue annually, featuring different artists and different materials - all inspired by the landscape and experience of being at Snow Farm. 


Artist Statment by Tiffany Hilton

At Snow Farm, I’ve had many occasions to grow as an artist and a teacher - when I’ve sat quietly near the pond, laughed wildly around the bonfire, and during many meals and conversations I’ve shared with friends, new and old. At Snow Farm, I’ve had time for reflection, community building, and celebration.

tl_files/pages/Donate/pond.vert.jpgOf the landscape, the pond, especially, draws me in every time I visit Snow Farm. I have observed the reeds and grasses in different seasons, their quiet movement and beautiful lines reflecting in the water, sharing their presences not once, but twice.  I am honored by the opportunity to offer this limited edition serving tray, directly inspired by this beautiful place, its colors and sense of tranquility.

This tray is hand-built with stoneware and high-fired to cone 8 in oxidation. Glazes and wax resist are applied using four different applications. Beginning with a paintbrush I made myself, I apply thin lines of wax resist. Then I use a sponge stamp to add layers and depth for the water.  Next, the tray is dipped in two directions to create the horizontal line. Another glaze is then sponged, brushed and sprayed over the tray – each one just a little different from the next.

The tray is dishwasher safe, and you can place it in a cool oven to keep food warm. It is not oven safe for high-heat cooking. 


tl_files/pages/Donate/Hilton_tray_side (1024x649).jpg

photo by John Polak

  • Limited Edition of 50, each one numbered and signed, SOLD OUT!
  • Size approx 10" x 17"
  • $100 (including tax) supports both Snow Farm and the artist.
  • $15 shipping or can be held for pick up.